Golden Touch Productions

High school sweethearts Charbel and Jessica Azzi tied the knot in September this year at a beautiful ceremony at St Charbel’s Maronite Catholic Church Punchbowl.

The couple had five adorable flowers girls and four gorgeous bridesmaids to standby Jessica on her special day. Jessica took everyone’s breath away in her stunning wedding gown designed by Alin Le’Kal. As Jessica admired her tight-fitted dress with a detachable skirt, her eyes widened with joy as she prepared herself to make a lifelong commitment.

On this momentous day, Golden Touch Productions captured the precious moments Jessica shared with her parents. The mother of the bride dressed in a beautiful emerald green, stood beside her daughter holding her hands and she shared some words of wisdom for this new chapter in her daughter’s life. When the father of the bride and the bride arrived at St Charbel’s, a red carpet was laid out to welcome the elegant bride. As her father walked her down the isle, the tears were held back as a father hands his daughter on to her soon to be husband. As the vows were taken and the crowns placed on the newlywed’s heads, the couple make a lifelong commitment to each other.

At the conclusion of their ceremony, Charbel and Jessica Azzi exited the Church together with their family and friends and were met with a streamline of cars and bikes from Queen Streetcar Hire and EVCU8 Bike Escorts. The bridal party made their way to Hills Rd Olympic Park, where the couple shared for the first time some precious moments as husband and wife.

For the reception, Golden Touch captured the moment the Lebanese zaffet from Xtreme Entertainment, who welcomed the bride and groom into the Lemnos Club. The bride let her hair down as she danced the night away with her husband, family, and friends. The groomsmen were enjoying the drumming that they used the ice buckets as make-shift drums! But the most beautiful moment was the slow dance. Charbel held his wife tight and could not remove his eyes from her. Their love was contagious as they embraced each other.

Charbel has said to his wife, “you are my life, my soul mate and best friend. What an awesome time, experience and wedding it has been.” We wish the happy couple all the best for this new chapter in their life and may their days be as special as their wedding day.


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