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At Golden Touch Wedding Photography we love all aspects of Wedding Photography. There are so many different perspectives to capture, angles, landscapes, seasons as well as nature.

We have been doing wedding photography for over 30 years, in which time we have perfected the tips and tricks to design and compile the best details shots at Weddings.

The details shots are actually what make the best memories as they encompass such intricacies that you cannot see with the naked eye. As photographers we endeavour to provide you with a record of the day with the moments that made it extra special, moments you wouldn’t have expected. This could include the happy tears of the mother of the bride, the pride of the father of the groom and the embrace of family members who have waited all their lives to see your special day! These are just some of the memorable moments that we can capture for you!

The wedding photographer will help design the shots at your booking. You will be surprised although you’ve already discussed these details, the angles of the shots will take your breath away!

Each detail can change the direction of a shot at a wedding. So we need to look at some tips as to how to get the perfect detail shot for making your dream a reality.

This could be taking a photo of the ring box or the ring cushion. The way the jewelry is positioned, the ribbons, the way the cushion is held, the size of the cushion and the shape. The blur of the background to make the rings pop in that photo. Golden Touch can utilise their years of experience as well as the skills they have perfected over time to make this a gorgeous shot!

2. Timing is everything

At Golden Touch Wedding Photography we ensure that the timing for photos and more so for detail shots at weddings are the utmost priority. These are the shots that need time for perfection as that is the focus of your day – Perfection! The photographer will make sure to prioritise these shots and also assist you with making them happen. Your priority for the day is to be as relaxed as possible, practice breathing techniques and meditate. This will assist us to collaborate with you to produce the perfect detail shot.

3. Prepare all the items which will be in the detail shots

We as wedding photographers at Golden Touch like to be organised. If you have prepared all your special items in a box or basket then this saves time looking for the particular item when the time comes to shoot the detail shot. It ensures that we alleviate the stress of losing items, and losing time locating items.

These items could include:

  • Wedding invitation
  • Seating Cards
  • The rings
  • Perfumes
  • Bouquets/ Button flowers
  • Slippers
  • Shoes
  • Jewellery
  • Ties
  • Garters and Menus

There are many other items you may like to include for example cultural pieces, fabric, cutlery, bowls or even photos of family members who have passed on.

4. Bride and the Groom
Remember that the couple are the focus of the day! We at Golden Touch Wedding Photography endeavour to make them be as relaxed and serene as possible knowing that we have everything under control to the best of our abilities. They can trust us to be reliable, flexible, professional and adaptable so as to cater to their needs. This produces the best results in shooting these particular shots.

5. Holder of information
Please delegate this role to someone who can assist the Wedding Photographer from Golden Touch Wedding Photography to complete their duties. In this way, you the Bride or Groom do not need to stress about all the intricacies as we will be taking care of every aspect of the photoshoot for you.

Now that you’ve come to the end of the article, you will have a clearer picture of what you need to prepare for these special moments to become a reality. Make notes, take pictures, grab magazines, speak to family and friends.

At Golden Touch Wedding Photography we can cater to your needs and wishes. Contact us today and come and see our beautiful wedding photography studio based in Sydney.

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