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Rips on choosing a wedding dress

Here it is ladies the day you have been waiting to plan all your life! The wedding gown/dress to bring your inner princess to life!

Yes you may have a style or design already in your mind but you need to find a hardcopy picture, a link on a website or a physical gown to make your final decision.

Yes there are many options when going down this road for example searching online, having your dress made by a dressmaker, buying from a website located in Australia or overseas.

There have been many stories around regarding dresses bought online which were created overseas. The measurements had been translated or miscommunicated so the dress was a child’s size and not an adult’s size. The colours weren’t anything like on the site. The fabric was flimsy and sewn unprofessionally. So then there’s the added cost of finding another dress at short notice which becomes more stressful.

So you really need to do your research very early on in the planning stage. So as to not have any shocks like this to upset you or disrupt your planning schedule.

Even when you are buying local make sure if it’s a website that there’s an actual street address and you can physically view the dress. You don’t want to pay for something that is a ‘dream’ and lose your money. There’s nothing in your budget for that!

Plus you need to make sure that the dress will be ready much early on in the process so you can have your fitting sessions etc in case of change in style or heel height for example.

Discovering a local dressmaker or a local bridal gown retailer also helps the economy so go local plus it’s more convenient for regular visits.

Depending on the season your wedding will be held, it’s important to make sure the gown will be appropriate and comfortable. You need to be able to wear the gown comfortably, be able to walk in it and sit down in it with ease. The only way to ensure this is by choosing and purchasing the correct shapewear for your body.

These can be purchased online or in-store from many different retailers. If you’re like me and you have been fitted professionally at a lingerie store, you can always buy online using all your measurements. Ebay, Ozsale and Catch are some of the sites where you can find bargains for most things.

Always remember to ask if there are any additional costs when purchasing a wedding gown, as well as if there is a cancellation or refund policy. This is for your peace of mind.
Also you need to remember an important aspect of this process which is dry cleaning and preserving your gown. Does the retailer offer this service or can they recommend another service provider for you? This may not be a number one priority for the wedding day but it is for the period afterwards.

The most important accessory to go with your wedding gown are your shoes! Start looking early on for styles, heel height, fabric, colour. The question to ask yourself is, am I looking for comfort as I will be wearing them for a very long period of time on your wedding day! Plus prepare and organise a second pair of shoes and stockings in case of emergency.

These are just some tips I have shared with you to assist you in purchasing your most amazing dreamlike gown for your once in a lifetime day!

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