Golden Touch Productions is made up of highly skilled, trained and committed wedding photographers and videographers. Wedding Photography is not just a job for us. It is about capturing your special moments that will last a lifetime. There is nothing more beautiful than looking back on old photos and reminiscing on events that have a large impact on our lives. We want to share in your joy and bring that little extra happiness to your life. Our wedding photographers are with you throughout the whole day accompanying you making sure not to miss a thing. Our wedding photography team are the best in Sydney because we put you and your partner first to ensure that your day is spectacular.

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Our award winning wedding photography studio is based in Edensor Park, Sydney. We would love to invite you to our studio to showcase our latest equipment and technology plan your special event before booking.

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Our highly talented wedding photographers will shoot candid photos on your wedding day. We will work together to choose amazing locations to take magical shots. Our wedding photographers will ensure you have an enjoyable and stress-free day.

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Wedding Photography Editing - Golden Touch Productions
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The photo editing will take place at our wedding photography studio in Sydney. Our experienced editors will alter and perfect images to place in a beautiful photo album. We use the latest photo and video editing software so that we are up to date on the latest trends.

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We will work together with our couples to help choose which photos you would like printed, depending on the package you have chosen. Our wedding photography shots are printed on high quality to adore for eternity.

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Why Choose Us?

  • A time capsule of memories
    Photographing weddings is not just a job for us at Golden Touch Productions, it is about capturing your special day and creating a time capsule of memories. Our team is committed to ensuring that the photos from your wedding are flawless so that you can always go back and look at them. Our photographers want to tell and share your story. They do not want to create a fake environment where you are not being yourself. Our team prides themselves in working closely with each couple before their wedding day, to ensure that everyone is comfort around each other. This comfort is translated into the photographs and it is obvious. This capsule of memories is your forever so that you can experience every large and small detail of your wedding (or other event) repeatedly.


  • Beautiful reminder
    No doubt your wedding day is a stressful day and sometimes things happen so quickly that you don not absorb and take it in. Our photographers are like your second pair of eyes. Our team will capture all the momentous points throughout your day so that no memory will ever be lost. These photos will be precious for you because you are able to look back on them and be present in that moment. Not only will it be a beautiful reminder for you but also for all your family and friends. These photos will also be precious for the family and friends that are yet to come.


  • Focused on you
    Many photographers when they are taking photos are concentrated on getting the right angle, position, and lighting. This is correct but at Golden Touch Productions we value something more. We value you because we are focused on you. Throughout the day we commit ourselves to making sure that you are not stressed and ensure that you are enjoying your day. Before your big day we will have a couple consultations to ensure tat we are all on the same wavelength and to make sure that we are meeting your needs and dreams. We also highly recommend doing a pre-wedding photo shoot because this will make sure that we all get to know and understand each other.


  • Quality
    Our team uses world renowned equipment and technology for both photography and videography therefore you can expect your photos to be the best quality. However, the best equipment is not utilised to its best capacity unless the person who is controlling it, understands and loves what he is doing. Our photographers are skilled and trained in their profession and art so you can be sure that you are receiving the best quality. Our editors also use the state-of-the-art equipment to present you with a flawless finish. Our editors are efficient and creative in what they do. They work immensely hard to make sure the quality is the best it can be.


  • We work for you with you
    Our team is working for you to ensure that your day runs smoothly and is perfect just like the love that united you. Our photographers are with you and will do everything they can to make sure that the day goes according to how you envisioned it and if something does not go to plan, rest assured that our photographers have a couple more plans up their sleeve. Our team knows that we are not taking photos of models for a magazine shoot. Your wedding is real, and you are two real people in love. We capture the authentic love that has united two people together. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.


Q. Why come into our office for a consultation
A. At Golden Touch Productions we pride ourselves on fantastic customer service and ensuring all your needs are met. Coming into our office at Edensor Park with ensuring that all your needs are met. We will go through everything including packages and pricing, location, and time. This will be extremely beneficial for planning your wedding day and easing your mind.

Q. What happens when it rains?
A. We know that things do not always go to plan and rain is major factor that we take into consideration. Approximately 2-4 weeks prior to your wedding we will discuss together locations to go to in the chance that it rains. We highly recommend going straight to the reception and shooting it there. However, other potential location includes but not limited to Sydney University or Canterbury Leagues Club.

Q. Is there a pre-wedding shoot?
A. All our packages include a pre-wedding shoot. The pre wedding shoot allows our photographers to get to know you and your partner better and understand your style and dynamic. It will also allow you to get comfortable with our team before your big day. The photos that we take can be used on your wedding day outside your reception or as thank-you cards.

Q. Are there thank-you cards available?
A. Yes, all our packages come with thank-you cards that you can use at the reception. The photos that will be used on it are the photos taken on the pre-wedding shoot. This is our touch of making your wedding more memorable and special.

Q. How many photographers will be at the wedding?
A. If you have requested the package with a photographer, then there will two. There will be one photographer at each house and at the locations that will cover everything. The second photographer will leave after the bridal waltz. When you come into for a consultation, we can discuss this further.

Q. Do you photograph other events besides weddings?
A. Yes of course! Our team is experienced in doing events other than weddings such as pre-wedding, engagement, birthdays, baptisms, Holy Communion, funerals, corporate events, and other events! Feel free to reach out to discuss packages that will suit and accommodate for your next event.

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