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Wellness Tips for Brides and Grooms

Sleep – Make sure to get regular restful sleep to prepare your body and mind for the journey ahead. Sleep hygiene is vital as a daily ritual. You can’t catch up on sleep that you haven’t had from the day before so make the most of a restful sleep on a regular basis.

Beautician – regular facials , waxing, manicures and pedicures. These will help you to feel and glow with wellness as you give some self-care to your face, skin, hands and feet.

Hairdresser – regular colour, cut, foils and treatment whilst planning the style for the wedding day. Having healthy and gorgeous looking hair is so important. Maintaining it is even more vital. So make sure to cleanse, tone, condition your hair on a regular basis.

Personal Trainer – Arrange a fitness plan including a detailed nutrition plan. This should include lots of stretching and most importantly keeping hydrated. Keep you on your toes to make sure you look amazing on your day!

Fitness – Exercise so you will be glowing and full of energy on your day! Find activities which are fun for example group activities which can include zumba, boxing, aerobics and so on. It’s important to find an activity which is enjoyable rather than a burden or boring.

Dayspa – Depending on your choice of remedial massage, hot stone massage, swedish massage or a relaxation massage coupled with lymphatic drainage will ensure relaxation and rejuvenation. You will be recuperated and ready for your wedding day. Reinvigorate your body and mind so you’re energized.

Dietician – make sure to eat healthy and well for ultimate wellness on your wedding day! Detox – to purify your body of toxins. Eat and drink mindfully – as every mouthful has a positive and negative affect on your body. Consult a naturopath if you prefer eastern medicine. Do what is right for you.

Meditation – to relax and purify your mind and spirit by taking time to be still and breathe. In this way you are releasing any negativity and purifying your body and mind. Listen to CDS or apps for guided meditation if that is what you prefer. It’s all about choice.

Yoga/Pilates – to become more flexible.Find a class near you that is suitable for both your schedules. Alternatively, you could do an online class in the comfort of your own home. The purpose is to do something that will benefit the both of you.

Podiatrist – Is a different wellness provider as in they take care of your feet and nails, not just pretty them up with polish. If you have this therapy on a regular basis you will feel like your walking on clouds which will be the most comfortable feeling on your day!

Reflexology – Another vital therapy to help with treating your body in a holistic method so as to prepare your body for your day as well as assisting in the relieving of stress.

Life Coach/Wellness Coach – Consult with these therapists to create a wellness plan for yourselves. Your joint goal will be to enjoy an amazing wedding experience as an end result as well as maintaining your relationship from then on. They are there to support and guide you in realising your dreams.

Hydration – keep drinking enough water to keep you hydrated and avoid headaches from dehydration. If you don’t like the taste of water, you may like to add slices of lemon and cucumber, plus some mint to flavour it. This combination also assists in detoxing as well as hydration. So lots of benefits all around. You can always prepare it and place it in the fridge in a jug and top it up as you go.

Technology – minimise screen time. Read a book or take a walk instead. You need to clear your mind not make it more busy.

Boundaries – The most important practice to make life easier and less stressful for yourselves. This also assists in having better relationships in the way that there is mutual respect, love and kindness as well as space for each other when required. Keep this going and you will see benefits as well as positive results in a short period of time.

I hope that these tips will help you both in having an amazing experience together that you will cherish forever!

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