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Away from the city and the noise, Adam and Renelle celebrated their outdoor country themed wedding in Belgenny Farm, Camden South.

Renelle was a stunning bride. With her gorgeous bridesmaid beside her, she remained present in the moment and enjoyed the whole day. Her wedding dress was a strapless gown which reflected her amiable character. Through the reflection of the mirror we captured the moment Renelle admired the dress she would be wearing to tie the knot with her soon to be husband. Her face was beaming with excitement and joy.

The father and mother of the bride could not have looked any prouder. As her mother sat with a wide grin on her face as she gazed upon the young woman she has raised, Renelles father remained standing steadfast at the back as he too raised at the women his daughter has become. The joy and love of parents can never be replaced, and this was highlighted in the laughter that her father walked her down the aisle.

At the end of the aisle, Adam waited for his bride. The exchange of vows was heartfelt and brought a tear to everyone’s eye. The first kiss that the couple shared as a married couple was passionate and a photo only captures a glimpse of it. Behind the couple were the words “Always and forever.” These words truly captured the love and bond that this couple share. Their love was contagious. They could not keep their eyes off each other.

The reception was both elegant and rustic. Adam and Renelle were in the company of family and friends who all shared in an amazing night with the couple. As the newlyweds had their first dance together, all the guests were captivated and could not stop smiling. A small glimpse of light beamed onto the couple as they danced and shared a kiss.

The whole atmosphere and vibe throughout the reception sent shivers down everyone’s spine because the love could be felt. This country style wedding was still elegant and chic and it displaced the beauty and richness of Belgenny Farm. Golden Touch Production was so honoured to partake in celebrating the marriage of such an amazing couple. It was truly a fun filled wedding with a golden touch.


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