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It is a common saying that a picture speaks a thousand words. We often throw this saying around, but have you ever sat down and thought about it? There is something intrinsically beautiful about capturing a beautiful moment. There is nothing deeper than the love that unites two people together in marriage.
A wedding down is a great milestone for couples, however, as a photography company who has seen many weddings, we know how stressful it can be. Wedding photos are indeed important but pre-wedding photos also have great value. They are another moment in time when we catch the love between a couple but this time in a less stressful time!
Here are six reasons why you should consider getting a photographer for your pre-wedding:
1. To prepare you both for the camera
Each person with a phone literally holds a camera in the palm of their hands. In the age of social media, taking and uploading photos has never been easier. But there is something different when a photographer takes a photo. All sudden people tense up and become nervous. But this is normal! Couple are not used to taking photos other than selfies at dinner!
Getting your pre-wedding professionally photographed ensures that you are both ready for the camera and not shy. When these photos are taken it is usually only the couple and the photographer. Therefore, everything is calm and there is no need to be nervous.
When the wedding day comes, you will know exactly what to expect and taking professional photos will become second nature. This will mean that you can have a smooth riding wedding day.
2. Get to know the photographer
Again, when we take photos of ourselves or when we are out with our partner, we can snap a quick selfie. But when there is someone different taking the photo and a professional photo, things change. Things might become a little awkward and you both are not sure what to do. But that is okay! That is why is it good to get your pre-wedding photos done because it means you form a relationship with your photographer.
Us photographers have seen many different couples and we are more than prepared for what different weddings throw at us. Our job is not just to take nice photos. We want you to be calm and really enjoy taking photos with your significant other. We do not want things to be strictly formal, so yes, we do love a laugh!
After the pre-wedding photoshoot, we all would have got to know each other very well so when the wedding day comes you will know how we do things, and we will know the dynamic of your relationship and tailor it according.

3. Great bonding activity
Photographers do not want to add any extra stress to your wedding, and I think you can tell up to this point that we want to make everything as easy as possible. Everyone dreams about their wedding and a lot of planning and money goes into it. But it is no secret that weddings are a tad stressful and it can take a toll on a couple.
Believe it or not, a pre-wedding photoshoot is a great bonding experience, and it elevates any tensions or stress! It is not in a formal setting and there are a range of beautiful locations we can go to throughout Sydney.
4. More creative and relaxed
Pre-wedding shoots is about the couple only! It is about what unites two people to love each other unconditionally. It can be fun, elegant, quirky, or fancy. There are so many different options and we want to work with you.
Every couple is different but a lot of the time couples asks us what others do. Often it is good to get ideas and inspiration from other people, but we really work with you to find a place and style that speaks about you as a couple.
There are a range of locations we have gone to and styles we have seen so we are willing to share with you our wisdom to make sure you get the best possible outcome.

5. Photos can be used for your wedding day and your own use
These photos are not just for the above reasons, they also are especially useful. They can and should be used on your wedding day. Some places they can be used is in the bride and grooms’ homes, outside the ceremony venue and/or at the door of the reception. We will work with you to pick one of the pre-wedding photos so that we can enlarge it and frame it. On the image we can write your names and the date of the wedding. This enlargement is yours to keep!
Pre-wedding photos can also be used for the wedding invitations or even the thank-you cards for your guests. These small details will add a personal touch to your wedding day and leave a lasting impression on all your family and friends.
6. Do not regret
Do not look back after your wedding day and wish that you had taken pre-wedding photos. Photos are precious because it allows us to look bad and reminisce on the past. Photos hold memories and capture our big moment in our lives. Often, we forget about things that happen or specific incidents, but these pre-wedding shots capture something pure and different.
Every couple is different and unique and maybe pre-wedding photos are not for you! But it is worth reaching and discussing with our team of photographers and videographers. These six reasons are only some of the reasons, but they are what we have narrowed down as the most important.
Please feel free to reach out to us because we would love to meet you and capture your pre-wedding! 

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