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At Mosman Wedding Photography we are one of the leading wedding photography and cinematography production companies in the Mosman Wedding Photography industry.

Our professional Mosman Wedding Photographers will make certain to capture each and every precious moment during your dreamy, whimsical and stunning Wedding day.

Each Mosman Wedding Photographer is a representative of Mosman Wedding Photography. We are the leading Wedding Photography Company in the industry. Our Mosman Wedding Photographers have been specifically chosen for their talent,skills and industry qualifications in Wedding Photography gained in our beautiful country, Australia. In addition to this, a Mosman Wedding Photographer possesses an outstanding amount of enthusiasm as well as passion to capture, produce and provide you with the most amazing selection of Wedding Photography images and footage to view with your family and friends for many years to come. As Mosman Wedding Photography’s representatives, Mosman Wedding Photographers, it will be our pleasure to accomplish this goal for you both!


Finding a venue is one of the most important decisions in planning your beautiful Wedding Day. In the Mosman Area, there are a few high ranking venues including: Orso Bayside, Taronga Zoo Weddings, Athol Hall – Mosman and the stunning Burnt Orange – Mosman.

It all depends on the theme and style you have chosen for your Wedding Day. Our Mosman Wedding Photographer from Mosman Wedding Photography is very resourceful with their list of contacts for services as well as service providers which you may require when planning your Wedding Day. Please consult Mosman Wedding Photography studio or your Mosman Wedding Photographer directly to discuss this aspect of planning your Wedding Day.

Your Mosman Wedding Photographer can also recommend alternative venues than the abovementioned locations which may better suit your requirements. Please contact our studio via phone or email at Mosman Wedding Photography so as to make arrangements with our Mosman Wedding Photographer.

Also, keep in mind that you need a plan B for your photography locations which have been chosen by you. A relocation may be required by a Mosman Wedding Photographer when it comes to the unpredictable climate and or seasons. Don’t be dismayed as our Mosman Wedding Photographer will have pre-organised another location for you and your Groom.

So, as Mosman Wedding Photography, we are able to assist you at these current times due to the unpredictable weather conditions. It is part of our commitment to you.

Why Choose Us?

Mosman Wedding Photography prides itself on being the leading Wedding Photographer in the industry. We hold a spectacular portfolio of Wedding Photography captured, compiled and created by our first class creative and professional Mosman Wedding Photographers. You can rest assured that your beautiful images will be treated with utmost individual care in our in-house editing, creating and producing facility which is located within our studio at Mosman Wedding Photography. Your precious memories do not leave our studio at any time as mentioned previously, the whole process is completed at our prestigious Mosman Wedding Photography studio.

We at Mosman Wedding Photography promise to support and assist you with all your requirements with regards to Wedding Photography. We make a commitment to be with you for the whole day ensuring we don’t miss any precious moment of your Wedding Day. Your Mosman Wedding Photographer will do all that is required to capture and preserve those moments which will be a part of your memories of your Wedding Day.

Our Wedding Packages at Mosman Wedding Photography can cater to your specific requirements. We at Mosman Wedding Photography can include two professional Mosman Wedding Photographers, who are able to provide Mosman Wedding Photography services whilst attending both the Bride and Groom’s homes if that is part of your requirements.

In saying that, we as Mosman Wedding Photography Studio and our team of Mosman Wedding Photographers are committed to being your second set of eyes at your exuberant Wedding Day. Our commitment to you is to capture all the precious moments that you or your family members may have missed. We as Mosman Wedding Photographers are there to chronologically record every special moment so that you can view them with your loved ones for many years to come.

Now, aren’t they the most excitingly amazing reasons to choose us, today? Write us an email or call us today so you can take the first step in making your dreams come true with Mosman Wedding Photography supporting you all the way. You won’t regret it, you will have many breathtaking moments to reminisce over at your leisure!

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