Middle Eastern Wedding Photography


The day you have been dreaming of since you were a little girl – Your amazing Middle-Eastern Wedding Day! Your handsome fiance has proposed and it has made your day. It has continued your bliss and added to it excitement, butterflies and emotions of happiness!

There are so many checklists and ‘to do lists’ to work through to plan this day to be everything you have always dreamed to be perfect. Your glamorous, extravagant and luxurious Middle-Eastern Wedding Day.

We at Golden Touch pride ourselves in providing the most intricate, professional and outstanding photography capturing all the precious moments of your Middle-Eastern Wedding Day!! We can make your Middle-Eastern Wedding one not to be forgotten! We also cater to pre-wedding celebrations including henna nights for the ladies!

Please ensure to contact our office which is located in Sydney, either by phone or by email. We will be happy to arrange an appointment with one of our professional Middle-Eastern Wedding Photographers who will provide you with the most amazing Middle-Eastern Wedding Photography to capture your breathtaking memories!

Timeline of a Middle-Eastern Wedding

Before the finale of the most amazing Middle-Eastern Wedding Day, there is the matter of a couple of events leading up to the wedding celebrations which consist of the Pre-Wedding Photoshoot by the Middle-Eastern Wedding Photographer in Sydney. This is another service that we at Golden Touch Productions provide to capture your precious memories prior to your Middle-Eastern Wedding Day. Please, consult with our office so that we can assist you in making your dream come true with our amazingly affordable Wedding Packages!

And then, there is the henna night for the ladies! This is a lavish affair with glamourous gowns, fabulous hair styles and make up! The venue is booked with utmost care and precision so that there is an adequate dance floor for all the wonderful dancing which will be continuing into the early hours of the next day!

Henna is the most well known tradition in Middle-Eastern cultures. Many years ago, the Bride’s female friends decorated her hands and feet with Henna whilst singing songs in their language. It has evolved these days to include the males in the family too. The Henna night is similar to a bachelorette party in Western Culture! Henna is the highlight of the night with a variety of dances, laughter, music and delicious delicacies for all to enjoy

Catering – is a must with all the delicacies of mouthwatering Middle-Eastern cuisine for a Middle-Eastern Pre-wedding Celebration! It’s vital to confirm with the catering service provider that they can deliver and serve at the venue you have chosen for your Middle-Eastern Pre-wedding Celebration as well as your Middle-Eastern Wedding Event. Make sure to do this task as soon as you have decided on your Catering Service provider so as to alleviate any stress it may cause later. Also, check that the kitchen facilities are sufficient for your requirements.

Venue booking – ensure that the venue you have chosen is easily accessible for all modes of transport which your guests will be arriving in to attend your Middle-Eastern Wedding. You need to also confirm for Health and Safety precautions that the fireworks can be lit inside the venue so as not to cause any hazards. You need to abide by the rules so as to have the most amazing Middle-Eastern Wedding ever! You can also enquire with Golden Touch Productions regarding which may be the most suitable venue for your Middle-Eastern Wedding in Sydney as well as the location being the most conducive for breathtaking Middle-Eastern Wedding Photography in Sydney.

Entertainment – drums, fireworks, band, singer and most importantly the Emcee for your beautiful Wedding Day. This is the most important point when you are visualising walking into the venue with your handsome Groom during the Jaffe! How breathtakingly beautiful as well as being witnessed, welcomed and celebrated by all of your amazing family and friends. This is the most important role, where the Middle-Eastern Wedding Photographer is capturing these moments with his photography equipment and also the cinematographer with their equipment. In this way, we at Golden Touch Productions endeavour to ensure that not one precious moment is missed at your lavish Middle-Eastern Wedding in Sydney.

Decor and prop hire can be arranged by local small businesses who specialise in assisting you with your Middle-Eastern Wedding making it the most memorable event of the year! There are a few to choose from who will bring the props to you, set up the venue and also pack up at the end of the night to take the props back to their storage facility. In this way, it gives less chance for damage to the items.

Wedding dresses are what make you the beautiful princess Bride that you are! Finding the perfect dress can take time so start looking for a dress as soon as your handsome Groom has popped the question! It will also give you time for any alterations which need to be made. If you’re importing, remember to give yourself enough time to have the gown delivered as well as any alterations which may be required. Same advice for the rest of the bridal party, ensuring everyone looks so glamorous at your extravagant Middle-Eastern Wedding!

Vehicles for the Bride and Groom, as well as the Bridal Party to be transported to the church or religious temple, then to the Middle-Eastern Wedding reception venue. There are so many options available including hummers, stretch limousines, etc. If you need some assistance please contact our office at Golden Touch Productions and speak to your professional Middle-Eastern Wedding Photographer. They will provide you with referrals of tried and trusted contacts.

At the end of the day, it’s about what makes you and your groom happy!

Would you like us to capture all your precious memories from your Middle-Eastern Wedding? With our Middle-Eastern Wedding Photographers utilising our professional and modern equipment, you too can have the best memories captured for you to enjoy for many years to come. All you have to do is contact Golden Touch Productions office in Sydney for all your Middle-Eastern Wedding Photography requirements.

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