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Golden Touch Productions offers exceptional and high-quality cinematography for our Sydney-based customers. Our wedding videography team is skilled and committed to ensuring that your special day is flawless. Photos are important but a cinematic video of your wedding is essential. Our wedding videographer team consists of videographers, managers, and editors and they all work together to ensure your wedding day is smooth and enjoyable.
Golden Touch Productions prides itself on exceptional service and high-quality photography, videography, and cinematography. Our team is committed to working with you on your wedding day to give you the most stunning moments of your wedding day. From the moment you book us right to your wedding and then right to the moment you receive all your photos and videos, we are there with you.
We specialize in professional wedding videography; however, we also video graph other momentous moments such as pre-weddings, engagements, birthdays, and other events. Our team works closely with all our customers to fully understand what you are looking for and meet those needs.
Our team promises to offer the best cinematography service and quality in Sydney. You can give us a call, send a message, or drop into our office. We are always happy to see you and share with you on your special day.

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At Liverpool Wedding Photography we are one of the leading wedding photography and cinematography production companies in the Liverpool Wedding Photography industry.

Our professional Liverpool Wedding Photographers will capture each and every precious memory from your extravagantly lush and magical day.

Each individual in our team at Liverpool Wedding Photography, your photographer, comes to you with years of professional experience as well as the qualifications to support their exquisite portfolios. At Liverpool Wedding Photography, we only utilise the latest photography and cinematography equipment. We also use the most modern devices in drone technology which thus adds a spectacular element to the chronology of your beautiful Wedding Day! In this way, we are able to capture, produce and provide you with the utmost in quality photography as well as cinematography. Please ensure that you consult our studio at Liverpool Wedding Photography if you have further queries regarding this specific service.


The time has finally come. You will be realising your dreams of the perfect Wedding Day at last. You and your Groom will be entering the world as a married couple whilst in the presence of all your loved ones. You will be entertaining guests and making precious new memories at a venue of your choice. In and around Liverpool, there are some beautiful high ranking venues that you can book including: Fontana Amorosa, Lantana Venues and Robina Function Centre. Our Liverpool Wedding Photographer is able to attend the venue of your choice for all your photographic and cinematographic requirements.

Depending on the architecture, the decor, lighting, gardens and surrounding areas your Liverpool Wedding Photographer will be able to organise, in collaboration with you, the locations for your beautiful photography and cinematography.

Why Choose Us?

We at Liverpool Wedding Photography pride ourselves in having over thirty years of experience spanning over two continents. Our team at Liverpool Wedding Photography are fully qualified in all aspects of wedding photography, capturing, editing, creating and producing all your precious moments into beautifully breathtaking creations. Liverpool Wedding Photography can provide you with hardcopy images, canvas or usb plus many other services provided by our Liverpool Wedding Photographer. They will be the one capturing your images from the start to the completion of the process. You can rest assured this will be completed with the utmost care and attention to detail. All of the above mentioned processes will be completed at our Liverpool Wedding Photography studio by our highly skilled Liverpool Wedding Photographer team.

Our Liverpool Wedding Photographer knows that they have been tasked to attain the ultimate goal of producing the most breathtaking collaborative record of your most precious Wedding Day.

Your Liverpool Wedding Photographer is committed to providing you with the most extraordinary portfolio of precious moments from your Wedding Day. This, as Liverpool Wedding Photography is our promise to you.

Liverpool Wedding Photography also provides photographic and cinematographic services to cater to your other special occasions leading up to your Wedding Day. Liverpool Wedding Photography can also provide photographic support to you and your Groom for your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot and Engagement celebrations. If you have any other requests or further questions please contact your Liverpool Wedding Photographer from Liverpool Wedding Photography so that they can assist you to the best of their abilities.

Liverpool Wedding Photography are able to provide you with two Liverpool Wedding Photographers if that is a requirement as some couples traditionally prefer to leave their parents homes on the day of their Wedding. We as Liverpool Wedding Photographers can provide these services to you and your families as part of the packages offered by Liverpool Wedding Photography. If this is one of your requirements please do not hesitate to contact either your Liverpool Wedding Photographer personally or on the other hand contact our Liverpool Wedding Photography studio. We at Liverpool Wedding Photography are able to be contacted at our studio by phone or email at any time.

There is another important reason why you should choose us and that is that we at Liverpool Wedding Photography have a strong business relationship with many venues and service providers who can also assist you with your Wedding Planning requirements. We at Liverpool Wedding Photography can also guide you with Hire Car services. Your Liverpool Wedding Photographer will be happy to provide you with contacts and recommendations for your consideration.

Now make the decision today and choose us to make your long life Wedding Day dreams a reality. Pick up the phone or email us at Liverpool Wedding Photography. We can’t wait to be there with you every step of the way.

Victor & Diana

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Charbel & Mary

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Denis & Jade

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Kevin & Sandy

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Charbel & Mary

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Denis & Jade

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Why Choose Golden Touch Productions?

Golden Touch Productions has been in the wedding industry in Sydney since 1985. Our team of exceptional wedding photographers, videographers, and editors are trained and committed to producing high-quality cinematic videos. When you work with us, be assured that you are working with some of Sydney’s top wedding videographers.

Our cinematic videos are modern, elegant, and romantic. We work closely with you before your wedding day and on your wedding to ensure that your needs are met. Our photographers are exceptional at capturing the beautiful moments of your wedding day, but our wedding videographers tell a different story. Our team pays close attention to all details on your wedding day at all locations to include these momentous moments in the cinematic video.

Golden Touch Production is set apart from other videography businesses in Sydney because all our videographers have been selected individually based on their experience, commitment, and creativity. Both our photographers, videographers, and editors use world-renowned equipment to ensure you receive the best quality.

As a family-established business, we love bringing joy and happiness to our customers. When our customers look at the photos and videos their joy brings us joy. Over the years our staff have grown but we have remained committed to our core value which is to provide exceptional service at an affordable price.


Q. Why come into our office for a consultation?
A. At Golden Touch Productions we pride ourselves on fantastic customer service and ensuring all your needs are met. Coming into our office at Edensor Park with ensuring that all your needs are met. We will go through everything including packages and pricing, location, and time. This will be extremely beneficial for planning your wedding day and easing your mind.

Q. Why do I need a video?
A. Our photographers will capture all the precious moments of your wedding day, but our videographers will capture all the emotions, audio, and beauty of your day. This includes the exchange of vows, speeches, and first dance. These memorable moments require a professional wedding videographer. You will treasure your cinematic video for the rest of your life. Alongside your wedding photo, a cinematic video is essential.

Q. What is a same day edit?
A. The same day edit is played at your reception. From the beginning of your wedding right to the moment you enter the reception, our cinematographers have captured all the important moments and edited them into around a four-minute video ready to play at the reception. It is almost like a trailer that you can showcase to your guests the highlights of your day. The same-day edit is also a great source of entertainment.

Q. What is a wedding highlight?
A. If you have requested this in your package, then you will receive a beautiful montage of your wedding day. This is different from the same-day edit because more time and precision have gone into this. The highlights include the most important and key moments of your wedding such as your vows or speeches.
Is there a wedding videographer at all locations on the wedding day?
All packages have a videographer. This means that at all locations there will be a professional wedding videographer. This will bring together a flawless finish for the same-day edit, wedding highlights, and if you are requesting full coverage. This will be further discussed at our consultation.

Q. Can we partake in the editing process of our video?
A. We know how important your wedding day is and we want to work closely with you. Our editors are highly efficient and reliable. They will ensure that everything in your cinematic video is stunning, however, they will ask for your opinion and song choice.

Q. What is included in the cinematography package?
A. We have a selection of packages that can be customised to cater to your needs. Our team works closely with each couple to understand what your budget is and the style you are going for to ensure a flawless finish. Please check out the packages link on our website and speak to our team.

Q. Can we customise our packages?
A. Although we have fixed packages which can be accessed via our website, we also can do customised packages to fit your needs. At our consultation we will work with you and create a package that is in your budge and is what you will need on the day.

Q. Is there a drone?
A. Yes, you can add a drone as a paid extra to a package. We highly recommend having a drone because it literally captures your wedding from another angle. This footage can be used for the same day edit, highlights, and the full version of your wedding.

Q. When will I receive my wedding film?
A. Your same day edit you will receive on the night of your wedding. Your wedding highlights you will receive in two weeks or less from the day of your wedding. The full version of your wedding day, you will receive it approximately one month after your wedding.

Q. What happens when it rains?
A. We know that things do not always go to plan and rain is major factor that we take into consideration. Approximately 2-4 weeks prior to your wedding we will discuss together locations to go to in the chance that it rains. We highly recommend going straight to the reception and shooting it there. However, other potential location includes but not limited to Sydney University or Canterbury Leagues Club.

Q. Can family and friends watch it LIVE?
A. As a paid extra add-on to any package, we can stream your wedding ceremony LIVE. This will mean that any friend or family who cannot attend can still watch it all online. This is also helpful during COVID-19 when there are restrictions and limitations for weddings and events. Logistics of how this is done can be discussed during the consultation and booking stage.

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