Turkish Wedding Photography

Congratulations on reaching this breathtakingly amazing point in your journey together! The Turkish Wedding is an extravagant event of elegance, glamour and excitement!

There are so many points on your ‘to do list’ to be completed so as to make your dream day come true! But first you must find the perfect professional photographer.

At Golden Touch Productions we have excelled in providing and producing the most professional, intricate and memorable account of many Turkish Weddings to date using our Turkish Wedding Photographer.

A professional Turkish Wedding Photographer has the talent to record and tell the magical story of the most important day of your lives, portraying those precious moments with the best Turkish Wedding Photography compilation for you to reminisce and watch forever! Golden Touch productions can also cater to Pre – Wedding celebrations.

Please ensure to contact our office which is located in Sydney, either by phone or by email. We will be happy to arrange an appointment with one of our professional Turkish Wedding Photographers who will provide you with the most amazing Turkish Wedding Photography to capture your breathtaking memories!

Timeline of a Turkish Wedding

Once upon a time Kina Gecesi – Henna Night – was a small gathering of family, friends and neighbours of the bride and her family. All the women would gather in the home of the Bride’s family and sing, dance and put henna on their hands, they would make the bride cry – it was tradition as at that time as most brides would move away to another town or city in Turkey.

Now, approximately forty years later and the Kina Gecesi still has the traditional aspects of times from our Mother’s Kina Gecesi – but it is a more lavish affair where the venue is booked with utmost care and precision so that there is an adequate room for props,entertainers and music. The dance floor has to be the perfect size for all the wonderful dancing which will be continuing into the early hours of the next day! But we mustn’t forget the two most important factors to complete this lavish event are the beautiful Gelin – Bride and the Kina – Henna. So many memorable and exciting moments filled with happy and sad tears!

What an amazing celebration for our Turkish Wedding Photographer to capture all the candid moments between the Bride, the families and friends, the entertainers, the beautiful display of traditional and cultural props all set up from our Grandparents era! Just like in a fairy tale!

There are so many amazing caterers available who can provide you with an array of mouthwatering dishes in the way of Meze – light dishes – which is the most appropriate for all the dancing you will be doing! Ensure that when arranging the caterers that they are able to provide, deliver and serve the delicacies for you. Also, that they have sufficient hospitality employees to cater to your requirements plus attend your venue location for your Pre- Wedding Celebrations and your Turkish Wedding Celebrations. It is simpler and more affordable to have the same service provider cater to both events. Plus, they will have all the information regarding dietary requirements etc for all the individuals attending your beautiful Turkish Wedding from previous communication.

When booking the venue for your Turkish Wedding, remember that it has to be accessible for all types of transport, including the wedding cars, the guests vehicles, the entertainers transport, the caterers and the prop hire transport. Also, ensure there are facilities for wheelchairs if required for any of your guests. Don’t forget to make enquiries with the venue so that the kitchen facilities are sufficient to your requirements. You can also ask your Turkish Wedding Photographer for referrals of venues that they may have attended prior to your event.

It’s also important to remember if you are planning on having fireworks or any other type of pyrotechnic displays at your Turkish Wedding, you must liaise with the venue management so as to ensure you are adhering to Health and Safety Regulations so you can have the most amazing Turkish Wedding in history!

Entertainment is most probably the biggest part of the function as you have the band or DJ for music during all the different stages of the Turkish Wedding, then you have the entertainers – Davul ve Zurna – drum and clarion – musicians. Then there are the dancers who perform for the guests. They pave the way for the big entrance of the Bride and Groom for their guests while entering the venue. There are also dance companies that specialise in Turkish Weddings and Celebrations. The performances comprise music, choreography and costumes from Turkey.

Decor and prop hire can be arranged by local small businesses who specialise in assisting you with your Turkish Wedding making it the most memorable event of the year! There are a few to choose from who will bring the props to you, set up the venue and also pack up at the end of the night to take the props back to their storage facility. In this way, it gives less chance for damage to the items.

Wedding dresses are what make you the beautiful princess Bride that you are! Finding the perfect dress can take time so start looking for a dress as soon as your handsome Groom has popped the question! It will also give you time for any alterations which need to be made. If you’re importing, remember to give yourself enough time to have the gown delivered as well as any alterations which may be required. Same advice for the rest of the bridal party, ensuring everyone looks so glamorous at your extravagant Turkish Wedding!

Please note that Golden Touch Productions and your Turkish Wedding Photographer can also assist you with Hire Cars if you haven’t found the perfect vehicle to cater to your wedding party’s transport needs.

At the end of the day, it’s about what makes you and your groom happy!

Would you like us to capture all your precious memories from your Turkish Wedding? With our Turkish Wedding Photographers utilising our professional and modern equipment, you too can have the best memories captured for you to enjoy for many years to come. All you have to do is contact Golden Touch Productions office in Sydney for all your Turkish Wedding Photography requirements.

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