Italian Wedding Photography

Congratulazioni – Congratulations on taking the next step in cementing your romantic union together forever!

The Italian Wedding is an elegant and lavish affair which can be remembered for its exuberance!

There are so many points on your ‘to do list’ to be completed so as to make your dream day come true! But first you must find the perfect professional photographer.

At Golden Touch Productions we have excelled in providing and producing the most professional, intricate and memorable account of many Italian Weddings to date using our Italian Wedding Photographer.

A professional Italian Wedding Photographer has the talent to record and tell the magical story of the most important day of your lives, portraying those precious moments with the best Italian Wedding Photography compilation for you to reminisce and watch forever! Golden Touch productions can also cater to Pre – Wedding celebrations.

Timeline of an Italian Wedding

Italy has a long history of traditions, rituals and culture. It is well known and remembered for its lively celebrations of music, laughter, dancing and delightfully delicious Italian delicacies!

A very important factor to remember when you are planning your glitzy Italian Wedding is that Italian Weddings are rarely planned for a Friday, as it is viewed as the day that the evil spirits were created. In following tradition of this timeless culture we must plan our Italian Weddings on a Sunday which is said to be the luckiest day to marry, bringing forth fertility and prosperity.

Before the finale of the most amazing Italian Wedding Day, there is the matter of a couple of events leading up to the wedding celebrations which consist of the Pre-Wedding Photoshoot by the Italian Wedding Photographer in Sydney. This is another service that we at Golden Touch Productions provide to capture your precious memories prior to your Italian Wedding Day. Please, consult with our office so that we can assist you in making your dream come true with our amazingly affordable Wedding Packages!

The Pre – Wedding Celebrations can include the hen’s night or bridal shower as well as the buck’s night. If you require an Italian Wedding Photographer to support you during these events please remember to discuss these details as well as any other requirements you may have for your Italian Wedding Photography needs.

The beginning of the rituals and traditions of an Italian Wedding begin at the church where the ceremony is performed. The special traditions at this time are that the Groom carries a small piece of iron in his pocket to protect them from evil spirits. The Bride rips a small piece of her veil to welcome good luck to the couple. Then after the ceremony has been completed the Bride and Groom leave the church. At this time all the guests shower the newly wed couple with rice to symbolise fertility.

You are then transported to the venue of your dreams for your glitzy and glamorous venue for your lavishly exuberant Italian Wedding. This is where your dreams will become a reality, your magical Italian Wedding reception.

Vehicles for transporting you and your Groom, as well as the Bridal Party to the venue of your glitzy Italian Wedding are a very important aspect to organise. Will your vehicle be sufficient to transport your Bridal Party? Will it be available for the timeframe required by you, your Groom and your Bridal party on the day and evening? If you require assistance, please refer to your Italian Wedding Photographer who can provide you with a list of tried and trusted contacts in this field.

It is important to have sufficient parking at your venue so as to cater to all the vehicles which will be utilised in transporting Bride and Groom, the Bridal Party, the guests personal vehicles, the catering service providers transport, the entertainment’s transport, the decor and prop hire transport as well as transport for people with a disability. All of these should be catered to, so that everyone has an enjoyable time as well as a smooth running event.

Catering of these delightfully delicious Italian delicacies is a very important factor as we all know, Italian Culture is built around Italian Cuisine. You may have already researched some caterers but do not forget the local small businesses in your area. They may have years of experience and can cater to all your needs including dietary requirements as well as large quantity orders for major events similar to your lavish Italian Wedding. You can also utilise the same businesses to cater to your Pre-Wedding Celebrations too. This will in turn have a continuum of smooth transition from one event to another.

Lastly, the bomboniere – wedding favours! These are the most delightful gifts that the Bride and Groom present as a thank you to their guests. Traditionally, they are made with a present, confetti – sugar coated almonds – wrapped in lace and tied with a ribbon. It is said that the number of confetti included in the Bomboniere is very important that it must be an odd number. Preferably five or seven pieces for good luck!

Entertainment – band, singer and/or DJ and most importantly the Emcee for your beautiful Italian Wedding Day. This is the most important point when you are visualising walking into the venue with your handsome Groom making an entrance! How breathtakingly beautiful as well as being witnessed, welcomed and celebrated by all of your amazing family and friends. This is the most important role, where the Italian Wedding Photographer is capturing these moments with his photography equipment and also the cinematographer with their equipment. In this way, we at Golden Touch Productions endeavour to ensure that not one precious moment is missed at your lavish Italian Wedding in Sydney.

Decor and prop hire can also be another lush factor to add to your lavish Italian Wedding. It all depends on your theme, colour and the season of the year as to how you choose to decorate your venue. This includes the table decor, place settings, vases, candles, table clothes, chair covers, etc. It is less stressful if you are able to arrange all these items from the one provider. It is also less time consuming than researching a couple of providers.

Wedding dress is your magical gown that you will be glowing in as you glide into the church and then to the reception venue. Ensure that when you have chosen this gown, you allow sufficient time for dress alterations if required. This is also sage advice for the rest of the Bridal Party’s outfits.

At the end of the day, it’s about what makes you and your groom happy!

Would you like us to capture all your precious memories from your Italian Wedding? With our Italian Wedding Photographers utilising our professional and modern equipment, you too can have the best memories captured for you to enjoy for many years to come. All you have to do is contact Golden Touch Productions office in Sydney for all your Italian Wedding Photography requirements.

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