Greek Wedding Photography


The day you have been dreaming of since you were a little girl – Your amazing Greek Wedding Day! Your handsome fiance has proposed and it has made your day. It has continued your bliss and added to it excitement, butterflies and emotions of happiness!

There are so many checklists and ‘to do lists’ to work through to plan this day to be everything you have always dreamed to be perfection, your glamorous, extravagant and luxurious Greek Wedding Day.

The first and most important way to make this day possible is to find a professional Greek Wedding Photographer who can record, compile and produce the most amazing moments of your magical Greek Wedding Day.

We at Golden Touch pride ourselves in providing the most intricate, professional and outstanding photography capturing all the precious moments of your Greek Wedding Day!! We can make your Greek Wedding one not to be forgotten! We also cater to pre-wedding celebrations including henna nights for the ladies!

Please ensure to contact our office which is located in Sydney, either by phone or by email. We will be happy to arrange an appointment with one of our professional Greek Wedding Photographers who will provide you with the most amazing Greek Wedding Photography to capture your breathtaking memories!

Timeline of a Greek Wedding

Greece being one of the most amazing countries in the world has one of the oldest histories. There is so much tradition, culture and music that has moved throughout the years but the Greek Wedding is one of the most moving and spiritual ceremonies. Therefore, we need to ensure that the traditions are followed and the elders are respected at all times whilst we follow them step by step.

There is the hens night or bucks party as part of the Pre – Wedding Celebrations. Then of course it leads to the finale of the most exuberant Greek Wedding Day.

As we mentioned earlier, the Greek Wedding is a procession of beautiful traditions and rituals starting with the Stefana – Greek Wedding Crowns. Now the tradition is that the Bride and Groom or their families purchase new Stefana for their Greek Wedding Day. Sometimes the Stefana has been handed down from the grandparents, so it is a privilege to wear these for the ritual.

The Stefana is placed on the Bride and Groom by the priest. Then the Koumbaros – wedding sponsor – intertwines the crowns three times so as to symbolise the union of the couple. To complete this tradition, the crowns are tied together with a ribbon. It is a breathtaking ceremony, knowing it has been performed many times by your parents and their parents in years gone by.

What an amazing celebration for our Greek Wedding Photographer to capture all the candid moments between the Bride and Groom, the families and friends at this prestigious church filled to the brim with so much history and precious new memories in the making.

After this beautiful ceremony the Bride and Groom, Bridal Party and the guests then travel to the Venue for the reception. This is where the excitement continues with music, dancing, laughter, delicious food and absolute joy.

Greek cuisine being one of the most delicious makes it so popular. So, it’s important to find the right caterer for you. Ensure that you do some taste testing, consider dietary requirements for you, your Groom, Bridal party and guests. There may be alternatives that could accommodate everyone and not be too difficult to arrange.

Communicate with your caterer by asking questions regarding not just dietary requirements but also if they are able to deliver, provide and serve the beautiful food for the event. Ensure that the caterer is also able to provide sufficient hospitality employees to cater to your Greek Wedding. This is an aspect which needs to be arranged very early on in the Greek Wedding planning process.

The venue is of the utmost importance for the reception of your extravagant Greek Wedding. Check with the management that the venue has sufficient dance floor for all your guests. Also, that the kitchen facilities meet your requirements as well as the catering staff’s needs. Ensure that you adhere to the rules for entering, utilising and leaving the venue. This will leave a good impression on the management, as well as provide you with a good reference for future venue hire.

Another important aspect is that the venue should have sufficient parking and accessibility for all the attendees at your Greek Wedding. This includes catering transport, entertainer’s transport, prop and decor hire transport, musician’s and entertainer’s transport. You may also require some parking for guests with a disability. These are all very important for a smooth running event.

Vehicles for the Bride and Groom, as well as the Bridal Party to be transported to the church and then to the Greek Wedding reception venue. There are so many options available including hummers, stretch limousines, etc. If you need some assistance please contact our office at Golden Touch Productions and speak to your professional Greek Wedding Photographer. They will provide you with referrals of tried and trusted contacts.

Decor and prop hire for your magical Greek Wedding can be sourced via local small businesses or from social media outlets which will have a variety of providers specialising in Greek Wedding Decor and Prop Hire. Ensure that the service provider is able to travel to your venue and provide exactly the items you require as well as providing a drop off, set up and pack and pick up service. It makes the process less stressful for everyone.

Wedding dresses can be sourced from many different retail outlets catering to Weddings and after 5 event wear. You may decide to choose a dress from an overseas designer, make sure to allow sufficient time for the dress to be made and delivered plus any alterations which may need completion prior to your Greek Wedding. The outfits for the rest of the Bridal Party also need to be catered to accordingly, depending on where the dresses or suits have been purchased from. The final unveiling of your wedding dress will make you the princess Bride that you are, all glammed up and ready for the glitz and glamour of your Greek Wedding.

Once you walk into the venue with your Groom, followed by the Bridal Party, it will be the beginning of a magical evening of entertainers, music, the beautiful display of traditional and cultural props all set up from your Grandparents era! Just like in a fairy tale!

This is the moment you have dreamed of all your life. It is the day you both become a beautiful married couple.

Would you like us to capture all your precious memories from your Greek Wedding? With our Greek Wedding Photographers utilising our professional and modern equipment, you too can have the best memories captured for you to enjoy for many years to come. All you have to do is contact Golden Touch Productions office in Sydney for all your Greek Wedding Photography requirements.

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