Assyrian Wedding Photography

Congratulations on coming to this exciting and wonderful point in your relationship! The Assyrian Wedding is a lavish affair that can be remembered for all the glitz and glamour!

There are so many tasks to tick off on your checklist in planning your Assyrian Wedding but the most important is finding the perfect photographer.

We at Golden Touch Productions pride ourselves in providing the most intricate, professional and outstanding photography capturing all the precious moments of your Assyrian Wedding Day!! We can make your Assyrian Wedding one not to be forgotten! We also cater to pre-wedding celebrations including henna nights!

Our professional Wedding Photographers have the talent to record and tell the magical story of the most important day of your lives, portraying those precious moments with the best Assyrian Wedding Photography compilation for you to reminisce and watch forever! Golden Touch productions can also cater to Pre – Wedding celebrations.

Please ensure to contact our office which is located in Edensor Park, Sydney, either by phone or by email. We will be happy to arrange an appointment with one of our professional Wedding Photographers who will provide you with the most amazing Assyrian Wedding Photography to capture your breathtaking memories!

Timeline of an Assyrian Wedding

The Assyrian people are from one of the oldest cultures in the world dating back to 2500 BC. The Assyrian weddings are steeped in tradition. So you will find so many colourful and intriguing traditions to introduce to your guests who may not be familiar with your culture.

Before the finale of the most amazing Assyrian Wedding Day, there is the matter of a couple of events leading up to the wedding celebrations which consist of the Pre-Wedding Photoshoot by the Assyrian Wedding Photographer in Sydney. This is another service that we at Golden Touch Productions provide to capture your precious memories prior to your Assyrian Wedding Day. Please, consult with our office so that we can assist you in making your dream come true with our amazingly affordable Wedding Packages!

The Pre – Wedding Celebrations can include henna night, hen’s night or bridal shower as well as the buck’s night. If you require an Assyrian Wedding Photographer to support you during these events please remember to discuss these details as well as any other requirements you may have for your Assyrian Wedding Photography needs.

Catering – is a must with all the delicacies of mouthwatering Assyrian cuisine for an Assyrian Pre-wedding Celebration! It’s vital to confirm with the catering service provider that they can deliver and serve at the venue you have chosen for your Assyrian Pre-wedding Celebration as well as your Assyrian Wedding Event. Make sure to do this task as soon as you have decided on your Catering Service provider so as to alleviate any stress it may cause later. Also, check that the kitchen facilities are sufficient for your requirements.

Once upon a time, the Henna ritual was a small gathering of family, friends and neighbours of the bride and her family. All the women would gather in the home of the Bride’s family and sing, dance and put henna on their hands.

Now, in the current time, the Henna Ritual still has the traditional aspects of times from our Mother’s Henna Ritual but it is a more lavish affair where the venue is booked with utmost care and precision so that there is an adequate room for props,entertainers and music. The dance floor has to be the perfect size for all the wonderful dancing which will be continuing into the early hours of the next day! But we mustn’t forget the two most important factors to complete this lavish event are the beautiful Bride and the Henna. During the ritual, the Bride and Groom dip their little fingers into the bowl of henna. Then their fingers are connected and tied together with ribbon. Often, whoever holds the bowl of henna, then does a traditional Assyrian Dance. How beautiful! So many memorable and exciting moments filled with happy and sad tears!

The most awaited day of your life has come and you and your Groom will be heading off to your exuberantly lavish Assyrian Wedding.

At the church, the couple are blessed by a Priest. This is called a Burakha. This is an hour long procession within the church. As the Bride and Groom leave the church they are showered with sweets, rice and sometimes even coins! After this beautiful ceremony the Bride and Groom, Bridal Party and the guests then travel to the Venue for the reception. This is where the excitement continues with music, dancing, laughter, delicious food and absolute joy.

Venue booking – ensure that the venue you have chosen is easily accessible for all modes of transport which your guests will be arriving in to attend your Assyrian Wedding. You need to also confirm for Health and Safety precautions that the fireworks can be lit inside the venue so as not to cause any hazards. You need to abide by the rules so as to have the most amazing Assyrian Wedding ever!

You can also enquire with Golden Touch Productions regarding which may be the most suitable venue for your Assyrian Wedding in Sydney as well as the location being the most conducive for breathtaking Assyrian Wedding Photography in Sydney. Don’t forget the most important dance during your beautiful reception where you and your Groom, as well as your guests dance the traditional Assyrian dances including the khigga!

Entertainment – drums, fireworks, band, singer and most importantly the Emcee for your beautiful Wedding Day. This is the most important point when you are visualising walking into the venue with your handsome groom.How breathtakingly beautiful as well as being witnessed, welcomed and celebrated by all of your amazing family and friends. This is the most important role, where the Assyrian Wedding Photographer is capturing these moments with his photography equipment and also the cinematographer with their equipment. In this way, we at Golden Touch Productions endeavour to ensure that not one precious moment is missed at your lavish Assyrian Wedding in Sydney.

Decorations, set up and prop hire – This is one of the trickier parts of the checklist as there’s so much you can do to decorate your venue but sometimes simple is better and more glamourous. There are many retail outlets that you can venture into and find what you would like as part of the theme for your Assyrian Wedding! Otherwise, you will be able to discover many service providers who will make your dream come true with their amazing decor items. There are also wedding prop hire companies or local small businesses that you can approach to assist you set up your beautiful Assyrian Wedding. These are great if you want to have some glimmer of your culture present to display to your beautiful guests who may not have been acquainted with your culture prior to this day.

Wedding dress for your Assyrian Wedding – There are quite a few wedding dress designers that you could research and discover the perfect wedding dress for your Assyrian Wedding. They may also be able to cater for the outfits for the rest of your wedding party from the Mother of the Bride to the ring bearer and flower girls. It all depends on what your colour theme will be, the time of year and the season, plus the location for the Assyrian Wedding.

Cars – Choosing the right car to cater to all your needs to provide the most efficient, safe and glamorous transport to your Assyrian Wedding! Also, make note to ensure the transport is sufficient to transport your wedding party to the venue! There are quite a few different service providers but if you aren’t sure, you can always check with your Assyrian Wedding Photographer as they will have a list of tried and trusted contacts that they can refer you to.

At the end of the day, it’s about what makes you and your groom happy!

Would you like us to capture all your precious memories from your Assyrian Wedding? With our Assyrian Wedding Photographers utilising our professional and modern equipment, you too can have the best memories captured for you to enjoy for many years to come. All you have to do is contact Golden Touch Productions office in Sydney for all your Assyrian Wedding Photography requirements.

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